Jesse Kim  

I have been a Microsoft SharePoint consultant, helping companies and government agencies implement content/document/records management systems to achieve compliance, governance, and collaboration.

At the same time, I find much enjoyment in making life organised for small teams, independent professionals, and innovation outposts; this I do with FileMaker, a software platform I have grown fond of and become certified in.

While building information systems of various sizes and types has been my trade, my professional and academic interests revolve around the legal and commercial aspects of intellectual property (IP) rights. I completed a Master’s degree (LL.M.) in IP Law, published a research paper about protecting trademark interests in an Internet economy, and guest-lectured on the foundations of intellectual property at a university.

I take the approach of seeing IP as the ultimate source and enabler of a competitive advantage for organisations and individuals across all fields of trade and expertise.

There are many things that give birth and contribute to one’s intellectual property: a creative mind, ingenuity, attention to detail, laziness (pursuit of efficiency), commercial or scientific foresight, humanitarian causes, know-how, reputation, and hard labour, to name a few. Regardless of what qualities motivate the formation of it, intellectual property needs to be:

  • put in the right context for an audience that would be willing to find value in it;
  • correctly attributed;
  • able to deal with risks and enforce appropriate terms of use; and
  • made visible and accessible to the intended audience.

This is possible only upon the foundation of a robust, modern, fit-for-purpose platform for systemisation and automation, be it a database, a register, an app, a website, an intranet, a catalogue, or some other type of repository where information is searchable and auditable with its integrity confidently preserved.

For me, what sparks joy is enabling people, myself included, to unearth and enhance the value in their intellectual property assets with the help of thoughtfully-designed information systems. On this journey, I believe that good written communication is the currency and evidence of thought leadership.

I am a writer and editor at Kimmakerâ„¢, a publication of articles that discuss intellectual property rights and solving predicaments in information management.