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Academic Writing

Territoriality Challenges in Protecting Trademark Interests in the System of Generic Top-Level Domains (gTLDs)

Intellectual Property Matters

IP in IT: Should intellectual property remain a Latin Bible? (2011)

Choose change: Ditch commercialism in names (2008)


Respect vs. Age and Seniority: The common cultural misconception (2015)

The untold musings of an IT consultant on authority, sweatshop, and worship (2012)

Diablo 3: an insight into the diabolical rage of our time (2012)

I want a sexy voice and elevator music in my library (2011)

Review | The Adjustment Bureau: The Bourne Freewill? (2011)

There’s nothing to learn from defensive retirement (2010)

Human Target: Where’s the human touch? (2010)


Back to the Cage (2012)

Stoned Ascension (2012)