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PowerApps for the Fat-Fingered

My first memory of seeing a touchscreen goes back to a scene from the movie Die Hard (1988). Shortly before the bad guys appear, Bruce Willis as NYPD Detective John McClane finds himself at Nakatomi Plaza, a partly under-construction building where all the high-rise action would later unfold. At the lobby of the building, he exclaims “Cute toy!” as he tries out a touch-enabled kiosk. [Read on]

PowerApps for the Fat-Fingered

Vanilla Fix™: Fixing vanilla forms

People rely on usable forms to be able to handle business information with confidence. Designing such forms for Office 365 and SharePoint has traditionally involved making ad-hoc hacks with little consistency and few provisions for maintenance. The popular alternatives to this have been: bringing back a dead product, having to justify ongoing costs of licensing a separate suite of software, and forcing a paradigm shift down people’s throats.

Vanilla Fix™ is a front-end object-oriented JavaScript alternative, one that is the quickest to implement, produces results with high agility, and introduces no added complexity. Read on »